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Photo Gallery

Back_to_School_22-23 Card IconBack to School 22-23

Three children playing at a water table
Two children playing with a math game
Four children playing with playdough
Tk students playing with playdough
A boy and a girl smiling sitting at their desks
Seven 6th graders smiling for the camera
Kindergarten class sitting in the cafeteria
Two girls smiling
A student smiling and stretching
Three girls sitting on a bench smiling
Two students playing basketball
Children playing on a playground
A first grade class smiling at the cafeteria table
Four first graders smiling at their desks with their project
A group of first graders playing a matching alphabet puzzle
A kindergarten class standing in a line
A kindergarten class sitting on the carpet in pairs sharing
Nine kindergarten students dancing at circle time
Two girls smiling

Super Attendance Week

Memories Card Icon

Photos from 2019-2020